Vehicle height a growing concern for pedestrian safety

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2023 | car accidents, Personal injury |

Pedestrian safety has been a primary focus for researchers to determine why there has been an increase in fatalities. While some factors are obvious including distracted driving, how roads are designed and speeding, another issue has come to the forefront: vehicle size.

As people take to the streets as pedestrians, it is imperative that they are aware of the potential dangers they may face. When there is an accident, it is also crucial to know how and why it happened to hold drivers accountable and make a full recovery.

Bigger vehicles are playing a role in pedestrian deaths

Statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety say that automobiles that have a higher front end have a 45% greater chance of causing a fatality when there is a pedestrian accident. With so many people driving SUVs, this is a worrisome problem. This comes at a time when the safety of pedestrians is the worst it has been in over four decades.

In the study, IIHS looked at almost 18,000 accidents in which a pedestrian was involved. If the hood of the vehicle was 40 inches, it raised the chance of fatality substantially. With a higher vehicle, the pedestrian will be hit in more vulnerable areas, possibly making the injuries worse as it can impact their head and upper torso. Drivers could have a problem seeing objects that are close to the front of the vehicle, adding to the danger.

A pedestrian being hit by an automobile is bad enough as there is a high probability of injury. If there are factors in place that make the injuries worse, it is something to think about when simply walking out the door. These statistics emphasize the point that the roads are growing more dangerous for pedestrians.

There are options after a pedestrian accident

Given their vulnerability, pedestrians can suffer long-term damage and death in an auto accident. Those who survive could have brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones and more. Their personal and professional lives can be hindered and their families could be tasked with caring for them.

To cover the financial and personal loss that comes after a pedestrian accident, it is imperative to know what steps are available. This is essential from the beginning to ensure evidence is gathered and people are prepared for what they will face.