Unexpected safety risks of commuting by bus

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As a regular commuter, taking safety precautions comes second nature. You always plan your route ahead of time, stay alert at all times, secure your belongings and stay away from the curb while awaiting the bus. However, no matter how careful you are, there may be unexpected dangers that you haven’t realized yet.

Overworked bus drivers

Bus drivers often face long hours and multiple trips because there aren’t enough of them to serve the public. This can lead to exhaustion behind the wheel. A tired driver might not even notice their reaction times slowing down or their focus slipping away.

Even when your bus driver might be doing everything right, they could share the road with others who are beyond exhausted. There are regulations to prevent drivers from pushing their limits, but not all may comply. If you notice any unsafe bus driving behaviors, consider calling the driver’s attention or reporting it for the safety of all passengers.

Heavy traffic and rush hour

California buses need to go through heavy traffic and rush hour like other motorists. Buses maneuvering through this chaos can involve sudden stops or sharp turns that raise your risk of a slip-and-fall accident. You could hit hard surfaces on your way down and sustain injuries such as a dislocated shoulder, sprain, brain damage or neck injury.

Generally, you should only be standing when no seats are available or when you’re about to go down. Otherwise, stay seated. It’s easy to lose your balance on a moving bus, especially when the driver is speeding or cutting corners. If you must stand, maintain a firm grip on the handrails for your safety.

Distracted driving

Driving the same routes daily can become boring and make drivers feel too comfortable. They might believe that they can handle multitasking while behind the wheel. But even a momentary distraction can lead to an accident. Additionally, rowdy and loud passengers on a packed bus can make drivers lose focus.

Knowing these risks can help you be more proactive with your safety as you prepare for another bus ride. If you get involved in an accident during your commute, you may be eligible to seek compensation for your damages. In such situations, consider speaking to an attorney before agreeing to any settlement offers to understand your rights and what you’re entitled to.