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Statistics on motorcycle safety that everyone should know

When it comes to being a motorcycle enthusiast, there's no doubt that the level of joy you experience -- on a weekly or daily basis when piloting your bike -- is worth every penny you spent on your bike. Nevertheless, you need to stay safe and take serious precautions to ensure that you don't end up getting hurt in a motorcycle crash.

Car safety near buses and trucks

As the driver of a car, it is likely that you feel intimidated or scared when you come to pass a heavy vehicle on the road. It may be that you believe that it is driving too fast in respect to its load, or that you worry that the driver will not see you while you are overtaking.

Be alert to the common causes of motorcycle-car collisions

People ride motorcycles year-round in California, and given the volume of traffic, accidents are always a possibility. When a motorcycle-car crash does occur, the motorcyclist is usually assumed to be at fault-at least from an insurance company's point of view.

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