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Recent truck crash may have been part of a pattern

Accidents happen all the time in southern California. Most long-time veterans of freeway driving can recount an upside-down car after a collision or a truck laid low on the side of the road. Most motor vehicle crashes are minor events that are easily solved with insurance agents, but occasional accidents can cost thousands of dollars or even lives.

Fresno accident blamed on drunk driving

It's hard to have a full life in most of California without a car. There are drawbacks to motor vehicle ownership, such as traffic jams and maintenance costs, but nothing beats the freedom and reliability of your own car or truck. Just like other freedoms, though, car ownership can come with a price.

Motorcycle driver killed after car's unsafe left turn

California has the highest population of citizens in the United States, as well as the largest number of bikers. Motorcycles are a great way to see the Golden State or use them as a workhorse for commuting and errands. Anyone who has lost hours in a freeway traffic jam has fantasized about using two wheels instead of four.

3 steps pedestrians can take to prevent an accident

Any time a person walks along a route that includes vehicle traffic, there is a risk of an injury due to an accident. Sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic signals should alert drivers to the fact that pedestrians may be in the area, but these safety features are not always enough to prevent a collision.

What's the best approach after a mass transit injury?

Buses and trains are a big part of Californian's commutes. It's bad enough when mass transit is late, but an accident with injuries can set lives back for months. If the only answer is to sue for financial damages, it's best to know who can be sued and why.

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