Drivers cause crashes while videoconferencing

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2020 | car accidents |

The ubiquity of video conference is part of the new reality in 2020. Companies and families alike are finding Zoom and other video platforms to be adequate replacements for face to face contact. However, safety advocates have raised the alarm because some are using this technology while driving in their car.

Dangerous driving up

According to safety experts, the number of drivers is down during the pandemic, but those on the road are engaging in riskier driving behaviors:

  • Incidents of drivers using their phone are up 38%
  • Incidents of drivers speeding are up 27%
  • Incidents of drivers braking hard (a sign of not watching the road) are up 25%

There are also reports of drivers more preoccupied with such pandemic issues as worry about the Coronavirus and the economy.

Videoconferencing drives phone increase

According to the safety advocates, people have gotten so used to videoconferencing that they are doing it from the road using their device rather than staying put in their home offices and using their computers. This is one cause for the increased frequency of reckless driving. Unfortunately, this can cause injury or even death to fellow drivers who are observing all safety measures. It may make no sense that someone rear-ends another driver, but it turns out that they were looking down at their device – vehicles traveling 55 mph travel 200 yards in the two second that a driver takes to look down at their screen to see a coworker or family member.

Those injured under suspicious circumstances like this may wish to discuss the details of their injury with a personal injury attorney who handles motor vehicle accidents. These legal professionals may be able to outline legal options for recovering damages for time away from work due to injuries, property damage and pain and suffering endured by those severely injured.