Can you have delayed injuries after a car accident?

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You can typically instantly assess whether you have suffered an injury immediately after a car accident. Consider yourself lucky if you only have minor cuts and scrapes and a trip to the hospital does not seem necessary. While you may be able to walk away from the accident seemingly unscathed, there is the possibility that you have an injury – it may just not be obvious yet. You may feel soreness the next day and may experience the symptoms of your injury a few weeks after the accident.

What are common delayed injury symptoms?

Immediately following a car accident, your body often produces adrenaline which conceals body aches and pains. After a while – this may be anywhere from a few hours to a few days – you may experience some aches, including headaches, pain in the shoulder or neck, back pain, numbness in your extremities, abdominal pain or even PTSD. These may be an indication that you have an injury that requires treatment.

It is vital that you seek treatment before your symptoms get worse. A persistent headache may be a sign of a concussion or brain injury. Your back pain can worsen and make moving difficult, and it can be a sign of spinal damage. You might be experiencing flashbacks of the accident and an irrational fear of getting back on the road. These could be signs of PTSD. Untreated, it could give you a debilitating fear about driving.

How do you seek treatment for delayed injuries?

It is ideal to go to the hospital immediately after an accident to prevent your injury from getting worse, but if you are unable to, then it is best to seek treatment the moment you experience delayed symptoms of an injury. You may want to have medical documentation for your injury, as this will come in handy if you file an injury claim.

Delayed injuries are not uncommon. It is wise to seek medical care if you believe you were fine immediately following the accident and later experience symptoms of an injury.