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Is winter dangerous for California drivers?

The winter months are upon us in the United States, and many people are looking forward to snow days that will keep them wrapped up warm at home. In California, staying dry is a bigger concern than staying warm, although there can be just as many winter car accidents on the coast as in the Midwest.

Pregnant Californian killed in suspected DUI crash

Motor vehicles are a part of daily life for millions of Californians. Mass transit options exist but nothing comes close to having your own car or truck for the freedom to get to work and run the errands in your life. Unfortunately, challenges and dangers face many people on the roads.

Driver killed in suspected DUI accident in Marina

There are more people on the roads in California at any given time than in any other state. As a result, drivers and pedestrians have to cooperate to stay safe. Accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, but there are few factors that contribute to poor road safety than drinking or drug use.

What do I do after a car accident in California?

If you've just had an accident, everything feels a little sideways. Lights are flashing, smoke is rising and the ring of steel on steel or broken glass can linger in your ears. It can be a fragile time, when emotions are running high at the same point that actions matter the most.

Fresno accident blamed on drunk driving

It's hard to have a full life in most of California without a car. There are drawbacks to motor vehicle ownership, such as traffic jams and maintenance costs, but nothing beats the freedom and reliability of your own car or truck. Just like other freedoms, though, car ownership can come with a price.

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