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Marine died in motorcycle accident after stopping to help

California highways can be dangerous for motorcyclists, including the many soldiers, sailors and Marines who ride regularly in the state. At least three members of the military lost their lives in motorcycle collisions in Southern California in the last two months.

Southern California is dangerous for motorcycles

It's easy to forget that cars, trucks and buses share the road with motorcycles. In fact, that attitude is often the problem behind troubles for bikers. Many drivers do not know how to properly watch out for motorcycles, and the smaller, fast-moving vehicles are more difficult to see during a classic California sunset or fog.

Motorcycle driver killed after car's unsafe left turn

California has the highest population of citizens in the United States, as well as the largest number of bikers. Motorcycles are a great way to see the Golden State or use them as a workhorse for commuting and errands. Anyone who has lost hours in a freeway traffic jam has fantasized about using two wheels instead of four.

Knowing common motorcycle accidents may help prevent them

Anyone who buys a motorcycle has a love for the road that is unique and often more intense than other drivers. Bikes can be more fun, maneuverable and fast, but that advantages come with risks. Riders may be more likely to suffer serve injury or death than occupants of a car in a collision.

Look twice for motorcycles at left turns

Any time you're going to turn left, check twice for motorcycles. Remember that intersections are one of the most hazardous places in the world for motorcycle riders, and cars that are turning left somewhere other than an intersection -- such as turning into a driveway -- are even more dangerous.

Statistics on motorcycle safety that everyone should know

When it comes to being a motorcycle enthusiast, there's no doubt that the level of joy you experience -- on a weekly or daily basis when piloting your bike -- is worth every penny you spent on your bike. Nevertheless, you need to stay safe and take serious precautions to ensure that you don't end up getting hurt in a motorcycle crash.

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